Brethren, we had a very successful meeting last evening with W. Bro. Barclay sitting in the East.  W. Bro. Galman was unable to attend and remained at home, looking after his Wife, Shirley, who was sick.  We missed you Bro. Galman, but rest assured that Bro. Barclay did a fine joy in your stead. We all wish Shirley a quick recovery.
Congratulations to Bro’s Macalino & Rillo, on their being raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason. The Degree Team put on an excellent show and are to be congratulated as well.  The presentation of the Flags, Canadian, Saskatchewan and Masonic require comment. The presentations were very well done. Military precision.   Brethren, a job very well done. We are proud of you.
The meeting was preceded by a wonderful Supper put on by Bro’s Macalino & Rillo.  What can I say about the food…..delicious and lots of it.  Thank you Brethren and all those who helped.  
I am including some photos from last evening.  A night to remember.

posted by bmeisner