Brethren, with the dispensation of our Grand Lodge, we held our Regular Meeting on October 21.  The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan, M.W. Bro. Dean Elliott was in attendance and was welcomed to sit in the East by V.W. Bro. Kevin Garner.  The Regular Business having been attended to, the Grand Master, assisted my M.W. Bro. Don Finan made a number of presentations, as will be noted below.  The evening concluded with the Grand Master giving a very interesting address as to where Masonry could possibly be heading in the future.

 Bro’s Aru Davocol; Michael Rillo and Andrew Sneddon received Their Master Masons Certificates from M.W. Bro. Dean Elliott.   Also attending, V.W. Bro. Kevin Garner and R.W. Bro. Mark Barclay, District #7 DDGM.

Receiving their 25 year Certificates & Pins were, V.W. Bro. Bernie Meisner; V.W. Bro. Peter Hogger and R.W. Bro. Glenn Hunter

W. Bro. Marvin Bates received his 60 Year Certificate & Pin, quite an accomplishment.

M.W. Bro. Don Finan receiving his 50 Year Certificate & Pin.  Well done Don.

R.W. Bro. Mark Barclay, outgoing District #7 Secretary  presented R.W. Bro. Kevin Monsebroten, the incoming Secretary, with the Secretaries Pin, which was originally donated by R.W. Bro. Bill Swiderski.

The Members in attendance on this evening.